COVID-19: Click here for the latest information about Rialto’s management of this situation.


COVID-19: Management Updates


Rialto Building Management has been proactively monitoring the situation, adjusting management of the building as appropriate, and preparing for future contingencies. Updates to the Rialto community can be found on this page.

Dear Customer,

On Sunday, the Victorian Government announced further easing of restrictions, including new guidelines for returning to workplaces and mask wearing.

From 30 November, Victorian businesses may begin a phased approach for staff returning back to the office with organisations able to return up to 25% of their workforce to the office.

Face masks remain mandatory indoors and on public transportation, unless an exemption applies. Face masks are no longer required outdoors except where physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Click here to view Statement from the Premier and click here for a printable PDF summary.

Rialto is ready for your return. The following information may assist your planning to return more of your people to the workplace:

Changes to My Tenancy Cleaning Scope

As initially advised in our communication of 7 May, we negotiated with our cleaning providers various COVID-19 cleaning scopes. The scopes were designed to support your needs during a reduced occupancy, or where businesses closed their offices.

To prepare the premises for the return of your staff, please contact Monica Santos should you wish to conduct an initial detailed clean, the cost will be quoted on an hourly rate. Please refer to the attached brochure for further information to assist with additional cleaning and hygiene options.

Partial Reopening of Rialto From Secure Mode & Return of Concierge

Commencing Monday 30 November, the revolving doors facing the concierge desks at both North and South towers will be open, and the concierge desks will both be manned. Access passes will continue to be required to use all other entries to the building, until occupation levels materially increase.

Lifts will remain on secure mode, and all visitors will therefore need to report to concierge. If you would like to grant access to an expected visitor via the lifts to your floor, please pre-arrange this with concierge via email on Concierge will then be able to swipe your visitors into the lift for you.

Please check that all employees who are returning to Rialto have working security access passes. For any questions contact Customer Support Centre on (03) 9617 5428.

End of Trip Facilities

The end of trip change rooms have recently reopened, with new people-counter technology in place that limits access to ensure COVIDSafe occupancy levels. A booking system for the change rooms was also recently introduced, but compliance with this booking requirement has unfortunately been poor, despite communications and signposting about the requirement. This non-compliance limits building management’s contact tracing abilities which are required by regulation.

Accordingly, the booking system will be suspended for the time being, and management will initially revoke all access to the EOTF change rooms, effective Friday

27 November. Building occupants who wish to use these facilities will need to first contact Customer Support Centre on (03) 9617 5428 to provide contact tracing details and acknowledge the terms of use before having their EOT access reinstated. Please inform your employees of this change as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 

Parking Support for Rialto Customers

We understand that parking in the building may be important for your staff in their return to work plans. To help support you in this, we are implementing a casual car park booking process, and will soon be implementing a discounted casual daily parking rate of $14 per day. This offer will be available for building occupants only. We will distribute further information about this promotion and how to access it in the coming weeks, as the installation of our new digital car park booking platform progresses.

Face Masks

While it is no longer required by law for face masks to be worn outdoors, which includes the Piazza, please remind your employees that as they prepare to enter the building, they must put on a mask. This is important for the safety and peace of mind of all within the community. While it is not the role of concierge to police these matters, they will make note of breaches by employees, which will be followed up by management with employers.

Cafés at Rialto

Rustica café will reopen on Monday 30 November, opening from 8.00am – 2.00pm each weekday. Orders can be placed via the portal for pickup at Rustica, as well as several other local cafes including Rosso and Cafenatics. Portal deliveries to tenancies will not resume until the new year due to limited concierge staffing during this period of reduced occupancy. Watch the portal and app for special offers at Rustica over the coming weeks.

Public Transport Victoria – Traveller Tips

Public Transport Victoria is asking all Victorians to play their part to keep one another safe, including making responsible choices about using the public transport network.

Click here to view their traveller tips.

Changes in the Management Team

After two years at Rialto, my time as General Manager is coming to an end. I will miss the many great relationships I have built with people in this remarkable community. I hope to keep in touch with many of you. A recruitment process for a new General Manager is under way, and announcements about this will be made in due course. In the meantime, should there be anything you need, please contact Commercial Manager Adam Flint about property management matters, Senior Engineering Manager CJ about facilities matters, or Senior Facilities Manager Melissa Rose about facilities, COVID-safety, and return to workplace planning.


The team is looking forward to seeing more of our community return to Rialto, and the CBD coming to life again.

Kind regards,

Lisa Atkins

General Manager, Rialto

Dear Customer,

As advised in our recent update on 27 October, extensive measures and controls have been put in place to mitigate risks at Rialto. These measures have been reviewed by our independent risk consultants, CETEC Professional Scientific Solutions (CETEC), who have provided Rialto with a COVID-19 Risk Audit Certificate awarding a Grade A for all categories.

Our Risk Management Plan has been updated by CETEC, and I am pleased to announce the following small, but significant changes.


  • The maximum number of passengers per lift will increase from three to five. It has been assessed that in light of the low incidence of COVID-19 cases in Victoria, the mandated use of masks, and the short duration of lift trips, it is now acceptable for up to five people to travel in the lifts at Rialto. This will mitigate any risk of queues in lift lobbies throughout the building, which further enhances the safety for our occupants. Fresh air intake and high air changeover rates further enhance the safety of lift trips in our building.
  • Directional bollards will be removed from lift lobbies but remain at Concierge desks.

End of Trip

  • Drying rooms will reopen, and will be included in the enhanced cleaning scope within the end of trip facilities.

Flinders Lane escalator handrail sterilisation

  • A UV sterilisation device has been installed to continuously sterilise the handrail to further enhance our low-touch environment at Rialto.

The building will continue to operate in secure mode with access via swipe card only.

Concierge will be based at the South tower desk from 8.00am – 5.00pm, closing for one hour at 12:30pm. The North Tower desk remains unmanned for the time being.

We trust this information is helpful during this time of change. Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via reply email or Senior Facilities Manager Melissa Rose.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Rialto soon.

Kind regards,

Lisa Atkins

General Manager, Rialto

Dear Customer,

Yesterday the Victorian Government announced an ease of restrictions as Melbourne moves into the Third Step, commencing midnight tonight. Click here to read the Premier’s statement.

Under this Third Step we move from “stay home” to “stay safe,” with no restrictions on reasons to leave home. Cafés, restaurants and pubs are permitted to reopen as will retail, beauty and personal care services, all to operate within specified capacity and operating constraints. Businesses will no longer need to be on the permitted workplace list to open, and the ability to work will change to “if you can work from home you must work from home.”

We have been working hard to prepare for your return to Rialto. We know from speaking with many of you and from your survey results that you plan to stage your return slowly over the coming month and beyond. However, we anticipate that some of you may have employees who need to return to work as early as tomorrow morning, and if that is the case, we will be ready for them. The preparations and controls in place to ensure you return to a COVIDSafe workplace are summarised below, along with answers to other frequently asked questions.

What does your business need to consider?

Clear Expectations: It is important that you communicate with your employees your expectations as to whether they may return to work at Rialto at this time.

Tenancy Cleaning: Considerations may include whether you have reinstated an adequate cleaning regime. For changes to your cleaning arrangements please contact Monica Santos directly.

Security Access: If you have revoked building access for your employees during Stage Four restrictions and wish to reinstate access for some or all employees, please contact our Security Manager. Rialto will remain in secure mode for the time being, meaning you can only enter the building with an active access pass.

Communication with Building Management: Please email Senior Facilities Manager Melissa Rose to advise her of any changes you anticipate to occupancy of your tenancy in the coming weeks and to share with her a copy of your latest COVIDSafe Plan if you have not already done so. This will assist us with appropriately staging the return of building services, to ensure a great return experience and responsible cost management.

Emergency Procedures: We continue to monitor and adjust the emergency procedures with changing occupancy levels and availability of floor wardens. While occupancy remains low we will continue to follow after hours emergency procedures. As part of your return to work strategies, please ensure warden allocation is considered to assist your people to evacuate in the event of an emergency. Please contact the Customer Support Centre on 03 9617 5428 with any questions about this.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we assure our employees they are safe at Rialto?

Extensive measures and controls have been put in place to provide a COVIDSafe workplace at Rialto, which are detailed below. These measures have been reviewed by our independent risk consultants, CETEC Professional Scientific Solutions (CETEC), who have provided Rialto with a COVID-19 Risk Audit Certificate awarding a Grade A for all categories. These measures include:

  • Intensive cleaning and sanitising regime: all high-touch common areas undergo a regular regime of frequent santising throughout the day. This includes lift call buttons, escalator and lift handrails, door handles, and surfaces in the bathrooms, bicycle cage and End-of-Trip Facilities (EOTF), which will reopen soon as detailed below.

QR codes are used to validate the regularity of these sanitising cleans.

  • Touchless arrival: even while the building remains in secure mode you can enter Rialto without touching anything by waving your access card in front of the sensor (no need to touch), which will automatically open the door.
  • Signage for lifts and lift lobbies: Use of the lifts will be limited to three people per lift, with directional signage regarding queuing for lifts in place, in accordance with our lift lobby traffic management plan. Signage throughout the lift lobbies reminds patrons where to stand while they wait, and floor decals have been installed indicating where to stand and what direction to face in the lifts. Please encourage your employees to respect these limits.
  • Reprogramming of lifts: lifts are now programmed to align with the prevailing lift occupancy limits.
  • Signage for bathrooms and EOTF: Signage will clearly indicate maximum capacities in these spaces, and will remind people of COVIDSafe hygiene practices. This includes signage requesting that toilet lids be closed before flushing – this is important to minimise aerosol particulate dispersal. Please encourage your employees to respect these guidelines for the safety of our community.
  • Hand sanitiser and disinfecting soap: Hand sanitiser is provided throughout the basement and ground floor arrival points to Rialto. Disinfecting soap is in use in all common area bathrooms.
  • High fresh air intake: We continue to operate Rialto up to 50% fresh air to maximise your safety by increasing air changeover rates, and we apply mechanical system maintenance practices that exceed the Australian Standard. Occasionally the high fresh air intake creates challenges to maintaining consistent optimal temperatures, so it may be helpful to dress in layers when coming to the office, and if you feel uncomfortable, please contact the Customer Support Centre.
  • Precinct signage: Signage throughout Rialto continues to remind occupants to stay home and get tested if they feel unwell or have been exposed to a possible case of COVID-19, sanitise hands regularly, wash hands thoroughly, maintain physical distance, practice cough hygiene, and wear a mask. Please continue to remind your employees of these important principles for the safety of all in our community.

Other measures coming soon include:

  • Built-in UV steriliser on the escalator handrails
  • Step-and-pull fixtures for opening bathroom doors without touching door handles
  • Parcel and post locker system on Level B to reduce movement of delivery people through the building and assist tenants with management of deliveries.

Will Concierge be onsite?  What about portal food deliveries? 

Concierge will attend commencing tomorrow, at the South tower Concierge desk only for the time being. When the occupancy in the towers justifies a return to full concierge resourcing, the portal delivery service will resume, with contactless delivery process.

Will there be cafes open at Rialto?

We are confirming the dates each of our food and beverage retailers will reopen – keep an eye on the portal or Equiem app for updates and special offers. Rosso Coffee on Flinders Lane has remained open throughout, currently operating from 6am-2pm each weekday.

When will the End of Trip Facilities reopen and how will we know they are safe to use?

While the bicycle storage facilities have remained open, the EOTF change room facilities will open on November 4 and will operate between the hours of 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. The drying rooms will remain closed.

Changes made in consultation with CETEC to ensure a COVIDSafe environment include:


  • Throughout the day, dedicated cleaners will clean and sanitise the facilities with hospital grade disinfectant.
  • At 6pm each evening, the EOTF will close for a deep clean.
  • The Bike Store will undergo a high touch sanitisation three time per day with all bike racks disinfected every evening.
  • Hand sanitiser and sanitising wipes have been provided for your use.
  • The laundered towel service will be available, please ensure you dispose of used towels in the receptacles provided.

Maximum Occupancy

  • In line with our risk assessment, we have restricted the maximum number of occupants in the EOTF.
  • The card readers at the EOTF entries have been programmed to bar entry when capacity has reached maximum. A light has also been installed outside at the entrances with red indicating that maximum occupancy has been reached and access will not be permitted. A green light indicates that the Facility is safe to access.
  • You will need to swipe to exit the Facility via the newly installed card readers. This new system will assist in tracking occupancy in the Facility.


  • To ensure you can access the EOTF at your preferred time, you must pre book your 30-minute timeslot by signing up to TimeTap via the Equiem Portal. Instructions on how to use this service will be provided shortly via broadcast and on the portal and app.


  • Hair dryers and straighteners are available, please ensure you sanitise them with the wipes provided after each use.
  • Sensor taps have now been installed at all basins.


  • Additional signage and floor decals have been placed throughout the EOTF to remind users of physical distancing and hygiene protocols.

Is the car park open?

The car park remains open. Keep an eye on the portal and app for the latest information on casual parking rates and (coming soon) casual car park booking facilities.

We recently replaced the carpark entry/exit equipment with new infrastructure including License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology that allows for a seamless arrival and departure experience. If you have not been to Rialto in recent months, here’s what you need to know: Patrons with permanent car parking arrangements may need to scan your access pass on arrival the first time you enter the car park with a particular vehicle. The LPR cameras will then accurately capture your vehicle number plate and associate it with your identity, so the next time you arrive the system will recognise you and the boom gates will open for your arrival and departure without you needing to open your window or swipe your access card. Casual car parking patrons will need to push the button and take a ticket as usual, but can now pay by credit card at the exit rather than needing to pay at a machine. However if you do choose to pay at a machine, your vehicle will be recognised as paid, and the boom gate will automatically open as you approach it to depart. Should you experience any issues, please contact Customer Support Centre on 03 9617 5428.

This communication has been sent to all tenant representatives. Please ensure that you share this information with the employees in your business.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via reply email or Senior Facilities Manager Melissa Rose. We look forward to welcoming you back to Rialto soon.

Warm regards,

Lisa Atkins

General Manager, Rialto


Dear Customer,

On Sunday, Premier Dan Andrews announced a transition to Step Two Restrictions in Metropolitan Melbourne. Premier Andrews also advised Government modelling gave confidence that the Third Step will come into effect in approximately three weeks, on Monday, 19 October.

Re-occupation Survey

We would appreciate you finding a few minutes to fill in a survey about your own re-occupation plans so we can better understand the movements in each of our properties to assist your transition back.

Click here to take the survey before close of business Friday, 9 October 2020.


COVIDSafe Plan – updated template

The Victorian Government has released roadmaps for reopening for how we live and work in both metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, providing a long-term plan for the path out of restrictions and into COVID Normal. As part of this, they have developed a COVIDSafe Plan template to reduce the risk of introduction and spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

There are a few updates in this COVIDSafe Plan template, and all businesses will need to update their Plans. Please stay up-to-date on the latest advice for creating a COVIDSafe workplace at Business Victoria.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Lisa Atkins
General Manager

Dear Rebecca,

As you are no doubt aware, on Sunday afternoon the Victorian State Government declared a State of Disaster and elevated the COVID-19 restrictions for Metropolitan Melbourne to Stage 4 Restrictions.  On Monday afternoon announcements were made detailing the limited conditions under which onsite work is permitted, for certain permitted industries, and these details were further amended overnight last night.  Information about these Stage 4 Restrictions can be found on the DHHS website here.

Dexus continues to follow the advice from the Government and Health Departments and is passing on key information and updates to assist our Customers.

Updated Victorian Government advice from 4pm, 3 August 2020:
Stage 4 Restrictions – apply from 11.59pm Wednesday 5 August

·  All open businesses and services will have until 11:59pm Friday 7 August to enact a COVIDSafe plan focused on safety, prevention and response in the event that coronavirus is linked to the workplace.

·  COVID-Safe practices include face coverings, records of contacts and cleaning processes.

·  All other non-permitted uses are required to close from 11.59pm on Wednesday
5 August.

·  Further information and COVIDSafe Plan templates will be made available on the Business Victoria website.

·  Public transport, ride-share, taxi will be open only to support access to permitted services and provide transport for permitted workers.

·    Cafes and restaurants – take away and delivery food services only.

Please advise Senior Facilities Manager of your business’ occupancy plans and what numbers of people if any you anticipate will be attending your premises during this period.  Should you intend to continue to operate any part of your business at Rialto as a Permitted Workplace, please email a copy of your premises COVID Safe Plan to Melissa by close of business Friday.

If you have closed your tenancy please also ensure you have secured your premises and removed food where relevant, turned off non-essential services carefully, and arranged the safe storage of chemicals etc.  If you require assistance with these measures please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support Centre at or discuss with Melissa.


Customer Building Access


During this time Rialto will operate in after-hours mode. This means customers can only enter the building using their access pass. We ask that each individual swipe into the building and not tailgate other visitors. This protocol will also assist with contact tracing if a COVID-19 case arises in the building.  If anyone does not have their access pass, they can contact security on arrival to assist.

Visitors can only access the building by ringing a buzzer at a piazza entrance and informing Security the details of whom they are visiting.  Visitors will need to register their details with security and wait for their host to escort them to the tenancy.

Access to the car park will remain unchanged for the time being.

Frequently Asked Questions


Topic FAQ Response
Customer building access Will you be revoking all access passes and screening all customers entering the building to ensure they are permitted workers? No, each tenancy is responsible for monitoring its own compliance with the Stage 4 Restrictions and permit requirements.  Should you wish to revoke your employees’ access passes this can be arranged by providing clear instructions to the Customer Support Centre.

·       Website

·       Email

·       Phone: +61 3 9617 5428

In that instance we can provide security escorts to your tenancy should an employee need access – please provide clear written instructions to security on how you wish them to handle such requests.


Customer Contractors Will you be checking that any contractors who report to site to complete tenancy works have Stage 4 permits? No.  If a tenant is making arrangements for a contractor to access their tenancy for works, it is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that these works are permitted under Stage 4 restrictions and are delivered by a permitted worker in compliance with a COVID Safe Plan.  Contractors will still need to report to the Security Control Room on Level M1 for induction and to register their details.
Tenancy Cleaning Will my tenancy cleaning automatically stop during this six-week Stage 4 period? No. If you wish to dial down or suspend your tenancy cleaning, you need to provide notice by email.


Cost Savings Will you be turning off the air conditioning to save money during this Stage 4 period? Building management will be actively making changes to conserve energy and save costs, while keeping the building operating safely for the few individuals who will continue to need to access the building during this Stage 4 period.  Air conditioning will continue, to ensure a high volume of fresh air intake and movement throughout the towers, but heating of the air will be minimal.  Should a member of your business need to be in your offices and find the temperatures uncomfortable, they should raise their concerns with Customer Support Centre.

·       Website

·       Email

·       Phone: +61 3 9617 5428

and building management will respond appropriately.

Deliveries Will mail and deliveries still be accepted? If you do not plan to have employees in your offices over the next six weeks, we recommend that you redirect your mail and deliveries.  It is not possible for Rialto to accept, manage or store post and packages.  You can contact the Customer Support Centre if you need assistance with managing any ad hoc special requests in this regard.

·       Website

·       Email

·       Phone: +61 3 9617 5428


We will continue to support our building community and work with our customers to stay safe. We wish you all the best and look forward to welcoming you and your employees back to Rialto. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or a member of the team with any further questions you may have, or assistance required.

Lisa Atkins
General Manager, Rialto


Dear Customer,

Following on from our Broadcast on July 16, below is some further detail which is now available on the recent confirmed case of Covid-19 on level 36 at Rialto and the movements of the individual in question:

Timeline of Events

July 3
– 11:00 – person concerned arrived at Rialto lobby via the Piazza South Tower revolving doors and took
lift L in the South Tower high rise to level 36
– 12:35, 1:10, 2:30 – Re-entered Rialto lobby via Piazza and again took lift L to level 36
– Approximately 3:20pm departed Rialto
– No shared facilities outside Level 36 (such as bicycle storage facility) were accessed by the individual
– Lift call pads were sterilized by roving piazza cleaners multiple times throughout the day

July 9
– Person concerned developed symptoms

July 10
– Person concerned tested for Covid-19

July 15
– Positive result received
– Building management was notified that evening.  Covid-19 Response Procedures were immediately
implemented including the lockdown of Level 36.

July 16
– Terminal clean undertaken of affected tenancy
– Further details clarified with concerned parties and via CCTV.

Should you have any questions about the above details as they relate to your business, please feel free to contact me directly on 0405 188 252 or via email to

Please contact me directly should you require further information.

Best Regards,

Melissa Rose | Senior Facilities Manager

Mob: 0405 188 252

Dear Customer,

Rialto continues to follow the advice of Government and Health Departments and we will endeavour to pass on key information and advice to our customers, contractors and employees.

The Victorian Government has introduced mandatory use of suitable face coverings within metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire when outside the home from midnight on Wednesday 22 July.  This includes when travelling to work and throughout the day while working outside the home.  The government directive can be found here.

The Victorian Government has also announced Victoria Police, WorkSafe and Department of Health and Human Services officers will undertake an inspection and enforcement blitz with a focus on at-risk workplaces.  The fine for not wearing a face covering will be $200. There will be some reasons not to wear a face covering, for example; those who have a medical reason, kids under 12 years of age, those who have a professional reason or if it’s just not practical, like when running – however you will still be expected to carry your face covering at all times to wear when you can.

It is important for all members of the Rialto community, including building management and our customers, to work together to ensure compliance with the new government regulations by all who are spending time onsite at Rialto.  We request that you communicate to all staff and visitors the new government regulations which will apply to your workplace and common areas at Rialto.

Contractors and Deliveries:
From Thursday 23 July, building management will ensure that all contractors and delivery people attending site are wearing a mask throughout their time on site at Rialto.  As you are aware, we are already conducting temperature checks and registration of all contractors and delivery persons attending site, so the wearing of appropriate face coverings will be added to our existing protocols.  To assist our Security Team with managing arrivals, please communicate this message to your regular Contractors.  Signage will also be in place at the Loading Dock.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have about this or any other aspect of Rialto’s COVID-19 management.

Best Regards,

Melissa Rose | Senior Facilities Manager

Mob: 0405 188 252

Dear Customer,

We have been advised of a confirmed COVID-19 case of a customer employee located at Level 36, Rialto Towers.

The person concerned was last in the building on 3 July 2020 and is self-isolating. The tenant is following the advice of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

We recognise the low risk associated with this case, given the timing of the concerned person’s last visit onsite.

Our approach to COVID-19, includes increased bio-clean frequencies of high touch points throughout our common areas – This cleaning has taken place on a regular basis since the person concerned was last at the building.

In addition, building management is also organising a deep clean of the customer’s tenancy at the request of the customer and in line with government guidelines. We are continuing to undertake additional bio-cleaning throughout the high touch points of the common areas of the building.

We will continue to support our building community and work with our customers to avoid or minimise any disruption during this time.

Should you have any operational queries relating to COVID-19, or to report a confirmed case within your tenancy, please contact Melissa Rose at / +61 405 188 252.


Mallory Dunn | Property Manager – Rialto

Ph: 03 9617 5413 | Mob: 0428 093 102

Dear Valued Customer,

Yesterday the Victorian government announced that due to an unsustainable increase of COVID-19 cases, ‘Stage 3 stay at home’ restrictions would be put back in place across metropolitan Melbourne (and the Mitchell Shire) from today.

Our management team is strongly positioned to continue operating remotely in this challenging environment and we will be providing additional support to the essential workers who remain on site.

Our building operations personnel will continue to provide services to your building to support your essential workers. We have arrangements in place with our maintenance suppliers to support our ongoing building maintenance and services requirements. Please continue to log operational requests through the Rialto Helpdesk in the usual manner.

If you do come to work, please adhere to the guidelines put in place to help keep you safe. These regulations are outlined in clearly placed signage. We encourage all customers and visitors to download the COVIDSafe app.

While working remotely, we are still available online or via phone to help make your lives as simple and easy as possible through this highly disruptive and uncertain time.

Please continue to monitor the Victorian government ( for further updates.

We look forward to supporting you back to your workspace when the restrictions are lifted.


Mallory Dunn
Property Manager


Dear Tenant Representative,

The Australian Government issued lockdown rules, commencing 23rd March, to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the population and “flatten the curve.”  This directive has been successful with the number of daily new cases reported falling to single digits.  While some restrictions were lifted, on 29 May Premier Daniel Andrews issued a statement requiring people to continue to work from home until at least the end of June, perhaps longer.

This communication is to advise the measures being implemented at Rialto to assist you to prepare for an eventual staged return to the workplace.  This communication is being sent to all tenant representatives.  Please ensure you communicate the contents to all individuals in your tenancy as appropriate.

Due to the directive that people must work from home wherever possible, Rialto has been lightly occupied.  We previously communicated measures being undertaken by Rialto Property Management (RPM) during the lockdown period to reduce operating costs whilst maintaining a safe and comfortable building.  As businesses return to their working environments, we will again change our procedures to ensure that the building continues to operate efficiently and safely in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 threat and government social distancing directives, which are expected to remain in place.  Should government directives change in the future, this guidance will be updated and re-issued to ensure continued compliance and safe work practices are maintained by all stakeholders.

What specific measures is RPM taking to ensure the safety of the Rialto Community, and what do you need to do?

A:  Entrances and Exits at Rialto

What is Rialto doing?

Rialto is currently in secure mode, requiring tenants to swipe an access pass at the North or South tower concierge doors to gain access, and cards must be again swiped to enter the lifts.  Swiping of access cards can be done by waving in front of the sensors – contact is not required.  Visitors to the building must register with concierge.  These measures have enabled the proactive management of security and COVID safety in the building during reduced occupation, for the protection of all building occupants and tenancies. Over time, as numbers in the building increase, these measures will be relaxed, and responsibility will increasingly fall to the tenancies to manage the tracking of personnel and visitors within tenancies.

The buttons at DDA doors at the entrances to Rialto have recently been replaced with door hardware with touchless technology to reduce the touchpoints in the building.  The pedestal lift call pads have also been replaced, permitting access cards to be read by waving in front of the sensor rather than requiring touch.  Wall mounted hand sanitizer stations in the basement lift lobbies have been installed in addition to those already in use on the ground floor.

 What do you need to do?

  • Until the building is taken out of secure mode, ensure staff who need to be onsite have active passes, and contact the security control room on 9617 5428 should you require assistance with this.
  • Remind your employees of the current access procedures provided in the communication dated 15 May
  • Remind your employees that swiping of access cards at all card readers throughout the building can be done by waving in front of the sensors – contact is not required and should be discouraged.

B:  Contact Tracking

What is Rialto doing?

Maintaining the building in secure mode and registering visitors with concierge prepares RPM to respond to any contact tracing requirements that may eventuate.  Over time, as numbers in the building increase, these measures will be discontinued, and responsibility will eventually sit exclusively with the tenancies to manage the tracking of personnel and visitors within tenancies.

What do you need to do?

If you are not already doing so, you should implement reliable processes for registering all visitors to your tenancy, including arrival and departure times, name and contact details and confirmation that they are not experiencing any cold or flu symptoms.

C:  Signage and other guidance at Rialto 

What is Rialto doing?

Signage continues to be displayed at all entrances and exits to the building, requiring patrons to observe social distancing protocols, sanitise hands upon entry, and importantly, not to enter the building if they are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms.  Other guidance regarding hygiene and cough etiquette is posted on screens throughout the precinct.

What do you need to do?

Tenants should continue to emphasise the above expectations to employees and visitors.  Useful resources from the Commonwealth Government can be located here.

D:  Social distancing and common area furniture

What is Rialto doing?

The Australian Department of Health guidelines currently state a social distance of 1.5 metres should be maintained.   It is the responsibility of all building users to observe this government directive.  Common area and café furniture at Rialto has been removed or rearranged consistent with social distancing protocols.  Now that restaurants are permitted to seat patrons, some of the outdoor seating at Rialto’s cafes has been returned to service, noting the government mandated limits of patron numbers.  The cafes will be required by law to record the details of patrons and to clean the furniture between each use.  Outdoor common area furniture will not be returned to service yet.

What do you need to do?

Remind your employees that the common area furniture such as the couches and chairs in the ground floor lobbies may not be used for eating meals or congregating.

E:  Lifts 

What is Rialto doing?

Safe Work Australia reviewed its position on 20 May, relaxing guidance to maintain 1.5m between individuals in the lift. As building owners must still ensure customers maintain physical distancing in lifts and lift waiting areas, we are reviewing the new guidance and looking for ways to safely increase our lift capacity to get you to your destination faster. We will communicate any changes to lift capacity as soon as these have been resolved.  Please continue to observe the signposted lift capacity, and if the lift has reached the maximum number of persons in it, customers need to wait for the next lift.  We have also placed signage in high touch zones including the lobby, outside the lifts and on doors, asking people to observe the physical distancing requirements and not to gather in large groups while waiting for lifts. We have also arranged bollards and signage to assist with physical distancing whilst queuing in the ground floor lobbies.

What do you need to do?

These necessary measures will generate material challenges for all users of the building to efficiently travel to and from tenancies.  For that reason, we strongly encourage the following measures to be taken by all tenants:

  • Encourage employees to continue to work from home wherever feasible
  • Continue to minimise on-site meetings and in any event avoid meetings before 10 am
  • Stagger start times and end times for teams, noting that peak travel times typically tend to be 8:00 – 9:30 am, 12-2pm, and 4:45 – 5:45pm
  • Encourage minimal use of lifts once at work. Encourage employees to pack their meals and/or order coffee or meals for delivery via the portal.

Please encourage your employees to abide by the lift occupancy limits, acknowledging that this will inevitably cause delay and inconvenience.  RPM will proactively implement the safe management of lift queues to the greatest extent of our ability, and as a community we will all be relying upon one another to wait patiently and respect the social distancing requirements.  Failure of members of the community to show this respect will be addressed with the individual’s employee or host tenancy.

F:  Use of Fire Stairs for vertical transport

What is Rialto doing?

RPM has investigated the use of fire stairs as an alternative means of vertical transport and has assessed that this will not be possible due to a number of safety, security, and hygiene concerns.  Some limited use may be possible for intra-tenancy use, depending on the circumstances of particular tenancies.

What do you need to do?

If you wish to explore the use the fire stairs for intra-tenancy travel, contact Melissa Rose at to discuss, noting there may be costs to you associated with the installation of additional access control infrastructure and increased security and cleaning.

G:  Emergency Procedures

What is Rialto doing?

With less people in our buildings, our normal procedures will be impacted with appointed wardens not being onsite to facilitate evacuations. For the safety of our building community, we have activated our after-hours emergency procedures.

What do you need to do?

In the event of an emergency, while you will still hear the usual tones, this policy requires that you do not wait for someone to direct you, rather immediately evacuate by following the below steps:

  • When you hear the alert tone (“beep, beep, beep”), check the floor for any signs of immediate danger and prepare to evacuate
  • Conduct a sweep of your workplace to determine how many others are present
  • When the evacuation tone (“whoop, whoop, whoop”) is sounded, or if you identify danger, evacuate immediately – do not assume it is a “false alarm”
  • Assist persons with special needs into the fire stairs and alert security about the person’s location if they are unable to be helped to safety
  • Evacuate in a calm, orderly fashion and where possible maintain appropriate physical distance
  • Once clear of the building, report the status of your floor to the Chief Fire Warden or Emergency Services if possible
  • To prevent a gathering of people and abide by physical distancing guidelines, we ask that you exit the building and disperse rather than congregate at your assigned assembly area
  • Await instruction from Emergency Services or the Chief Fire Warden before re-entering the building. A notification will be placed on the portal and an SMS will be sent to registered tenancy receivers when it is safe for you to return. Your Facilities Support person can advise staff based on your internal communication protocol.

H:  End of Trip facilities

What is Rialto doing?

Change rooms, showers and lockers are currently closed due to the high number of touch points and enclosed nature of these spaces.  RPM acknowledges the importance of these facilities to the community, and, in particular,to building users who wish to cycle or jog to work in lieu of public transport.  We are preparing for the reopening of these facilities by adding signage regarding social distancing and reduced capacities, and by adding sanitizing wipe dispensers and hand sanitizer dispensers.  Drying rooms will be locked for the foreseeable future due to the risks associated.  These facilities will remain closed until all of the above preparations have been completed, and until guidance from Safe Work Australia relating to cleaning protocols for showers has been clarified.

 What do you need to do?

Tenants should prepare their employees that the facilities remain closed until further notice, and that some changes will be in place once reopened, including:

  • Drying rooms unavailable
  • The capacity of the facilities will be reduced in accordance with government social distancing guidelines. Maximum numbers will be clearly signposted, with spacing clearly marked.
  • Sanitizing wipes will be available for use on iron and hair dryer handles.
  • As with the lifts, it will be necessary for building users to honour the capacity limits and stagger their use of the facilities to avoid peak times. Compliance will be periodically monitored by security, and complaints or recurring infractions will be raised with the user’s employer and may result in the withdrawal of access to the facilities.

I:  Bike Cage

What is Rialto doing?

This facility remains open.  Hand sanitizer dispensers and COVIDsafe signage has been added.

What do you need to do?

Please remind your employees to ensure social distancing is practiced, and request that they show patience, particularly at the entry and exit points.

J:  Temperature Screening

What is Rialto doing?

RPM is screening the temperatures on arrival of:

  • RPM employees, security, concierge, and cleaning staff and any visitors to the RPM management office or security control room
  • All contractors reporting to site (including base building contractors and tenant contractors)
  • All couriers and delivery people reporting to the loading dock.

RPM will not be screening the temperatures of other building users at this juncture.

What do you need to do?

If you wish to conduct your own temperature screening of employees and visitors to your tenancy, and you require assistance, Monica Santos from Consolidated Property Services at may be able to assist with procurement of the necessary equipment, and Elisa Giampa from RPM may be able to assist you with RPM’s lessons learned in implementing this process.  Several tenancies are already trialing this and are consulting with us about it.  You may wish to advise your contractors and couriers that they should expect their temperature to be read when they arrive at Rialto.

K:  Cleaning at Rialto

What is Rialto doing?

High touch surfaces within common areas are being cleaned a minimum of three times in a 24-hour period with hospital grade disinfectant.  This includes door handles, push plates, lift buttons, handrails, toilet seats, flushing mechanisms, tapware and common area furniture.  This will continue, in accordance with government guidelines.  Cleaners are wearing appropriate PPE which for the time being will include gloves and masks and have been trained in the appropriate use and handling of PPE.

What do you need to do?

On the 14th April, RPM communicated options for tenancy cleaning through Consolidated Property Services.

If your tenancy has been in hibernation or suspension and you wish to re-introduce standard cleaning, please contact Monica Santos at as outlined in that prior communication.  Further information about cleaning and hygiene services will be forwarded via a separate broadcast in the coming days.

L:  Air Conditioning

What is Rialto doing?

Rialto continues to maintain the air conditioning systems as per the Australian Standard, including regular maintenance of filters and air handling units.  In an abundance of caution, we have gone over and above this standard by running materially higher levers of fresh air intake. Hence tenants may experience some reduced temperatures during the winter months. This approach is being undertaken in best endeavors to balance comfort and wellbeing, with an awareness of the importance of both, to our tenants.

What do you need to do?

Ensure any supplementary air conditioning units in your tenancy are regularly serviced by your maintenance provider.  Encourage employees to pack an extra layer to wear if needed.  Raise with Melissa Rose at if you have concerns regarding temperature in your office.

M:  COVID-19 case reporting

What is Rialto doing?

Rialto has a process in place for the management of any reported exposures to COVID-19 at Rialto.  Senior representatives of any tenancy who may have been directly impacted by the reported case will be contacted immediately by telephone and advised of the situation, and any affected areas of the building will be immediately shut down as necessary for deep cleaning.  Tenant representatives for remaining tenancies will be made aware of the reported case and the location and path of travel of the person via email.

What do you need to do?

Anyone in your tenancy who develops cold or flu symptoms should be directed to stay home and contact their doctor.  Anyone tested for COVID-19 must not return to work but must self-isolate until they receive results.  Should one of your employees or visitors test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of having been at Rialto, it is imperative that you communicate this to Senior Facilities Manager Melissa Rose at Mobile 0405 188 252 and immediately upon receiving confirmation.

N:  Return to Work Preparedness

What is Rialto doing?

In addition to the above preparations, our team is in close communication with tenants as they plan their return to the Rialto workplace.

What do you need to do?

If you have not already done so, please engage with Senior Facilities Manager Melissa Rose to plan and refine protocols for total building occupancy. Please share your intended or estimated re-occupy date and the likely number of employees returning to the office at any one time.  This will assist us to prepare for and support your return.  Melissa can be contacted on 0405 188 252 or

O:  Workplace Consultancy

What is Rialto doing?

The RPM team is engaging with tenants to share ideas and resources about return to workplace planning.

What do you need to do?

To ensure compliance with current government directives and optimise your workplace in the context of COVID-19 and social distancing, you may wish to consider the appointment of a workplace consultant to assist in creating your COVID-19 Operational Plan.

You may already have a workplace consultancy partner and we encourage you to reach out and engage with them in advance of re-occupying your tenancy.

If you do not have an existing consultant relationship, RPM can help.  To discuss your circumstances, please contact: Melissa Rose on 0405 188 252 or

P:  Communication

What is Rialto doing?

RPM continues to update tenants regularly via email communications such as this one to tenant representatives, as well as through articles for the community on the Portal.  All tenant representative communications relating to the management of COVID-19 posted on the dedicated COVID-19 page of the Rialto website, as well as on the Portal.

What do you need to do?

Encourage your employees to stay active on the portal or the Equiem App, whether they are onsite or working from home.  The portal and App contain a broad range of services to help us all stay well and stay connected, including classes in fitness, Pilates, yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, healthy cooking, leadership sessions, and more, along with fun articles and competitions.  As the return to workplace evolves, there will be articles to help building occupants understand and prepare for the changes ahead at Rialto.

The Australian Government has launched its new coronavirus app, COVIDSafe, which will speed up contacting people exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19). COVIDSafe is part of the government’s three key requirements for easing restrictions: Test, Trace and Respond. With more people returning to office buildings, the app will benefit our building community and keep our workplaces and buildings safe for operation.  For more information on how the app works, including information security, click here.  Encourage your employees to download and use the app.

If you have any questions or concerns about these new arrangements, please reach out to Senior Facilities Manager Melissa Rose on 0405 188 252 or to me on 0416 090 183.  We very much look forward to welcoming you back to the building and working with you to minimise the risk of COVID-19 within the Rialto Community.

Kind regards,


Lisa Atkins

General Manager, Rialto

Dear Tenant Representatives,

As you are aware, since Thursday 26th March Rialto has been in secure mode and we would like to remind all tenants of the following important protocols.

Tenant access to the building:
All tenants on site will need to carry their access card with them in order to gain access to the building, and to the lifts up to the tenancy.  If you have employees who need to be onsite but do not have an active access card, please contact the security control room on 9617 5428 to arrange this.

Visitor access: 
Should there be an essential reason to meet face to face, visitors coming into Rialto will need to contact Security via the intercom button outside the entry doors, to gain entry.  In order to secure entry the visitor will need to provide the name and tenancy of the person onsite whom they are visiting.  Once admitted into the lobby by security, visitors need to immediately proceed to Concierge to sign in, that person will then need to contact their host for collection within the lobby.  This applies to all visitors without exception. Should you be arranging an event where you wish a different process to apply, please contact me on 0403 922 277 or concierge on 9614 5888 24 hours in advance, to discuss.  When making arrangements for visitors to attend site, you should request confirmation that your visitors are not unwell and remind them not to attend site if they have cold or flu symptoms.

Couriers and deliveries:
As has always been the case, couriers and deliveries must go directly to the loading dock which is accessible from 476 Flinders Lane between 8:00am – 6:00pm. Commencing next week, all couriers and delivery people seeking entry via the loading dock will undergo screening of their temperature before being permitted entry.  Should you be expecting a delivery of documents that you intend to sign for personally within the Rialto lobby or in your tenancy, then the visitor access measures detailed above must be followed – that is, the delivery person must have your name and number and you must respond to security’s call and come down to the lobby to greet them.

Reasons for these measures:
These measures allows us to ensure the security of all building users and tenant property during this period of low occupancy, and, importantly, enables us to track all building users in case any contact tracing requirements should eventuate.  Over time as more tenancies return to active operation, these measures will be modified and contact tracing responsibilities will shift to the tenants, but for the time being until further announcement, the measures remain.  In consideration of our concierge and security staff and the safety of all building users, do not invite anyone to visit Rialto unless they have a name and phone number of the person they are meeting, and are prepared to register their details with concierge.  As signposted, Please ensure you and your guest keep a distance of 1.5 metres when engaging with concierge or fellow colleagues.

This communication has been sent to all tenant representatives.  Please circulate this to all relevant personnel in your tenancy.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me.

Lincoln Emsley
Customer Relationship Manager

Lincoln Emsley | Customer Relationship Manager

Ph: 0403 922 277 | Mob: 0403 922 277


Dear Tenant Representatives,

Rialto Property Management hopes you are keeping well. Please see below for updates that all Tenant Representatives and Wardens should be aware of:

Quarterly warden training:
In consultation with our Emergency Management Services contractor, we have decided to postpone the warden training that was intended to be conducted next month to mid-June.  If the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted or eased, we will deliver a face-to-face session as this will be the preferred delivery method. However, if restrictions are still in place, the sessions will be delivered online.
We will keep you updated and an invitation will be sent via email broadcast with sufficient notice.

Installation of touch free exit buttons:
To further improve our hygiene measures on site, touch free exit buttons have been installed in the Ground Floor lobbies on the DDA doors. Should you require to use these doors, please wave your hand over the sensor (you will no longer have to push the button) and the door will automatically open. Signage has been installed at each door to advise of the change.

For those still on site:
With the current Covid-19 restrictions we recognise that several tenants are operating with the majority of their staff at home. However, for those skeleton staff remaining within the building, we have worked with our Emergency Management Services contractor and our onsite Security Team to provide some guidance and safety tips.  These include:

Conduct a workplace safety meeting –
It is recommended that a workplace safety meeting is conducted with all members of your staff who will continue to work in the office. This safety meeting should include information such as:
– What to do in a case of a First Aid incident.
– What to do in case of emergency.
– Procedures for ensuring safety and well being when a staff member is working alone in the office.

What to do in a First Aid Incident – 
With reduced numbers currently on site, there is a higher chance that no staff in your tenancy will be trained in First Aid. Therefore, it is important to let your staff know if there is any remaining staff member currently filling the role of First Aid Officer. If there is no First Aid Officer currently within your tenancy and an incident arises, please contact the Security Control Room immediately on 9617 5482.

The security team is available 24/7 and all Security personnel are trained in First Aid. If the incident is of a serious nature, please call 000 and request an ambulance, but still remember to also inform Security that Paramedics will be attending the building. This is vital as Security can meet the Paramedics as they enter the building and secure a lift taking them directly to the incident. This may save valuable time.

For incidents of suspected cardiac arrest, there are defibrillators located in at the North tower concierge desk and the Security Control Room.

What to do in an Emergency incident or evacuation – 
The risk of an emergency incident requiring an evacuation remains the same regardless of the amount of people in the building. Your nominated Wardens would normally take control during an emergency or evacuation.  If they are not on site, it is recommended that all remaining skeleton staff members be made temporary Wardens. This is something to discuss with staff at your workplace safety meeting. The best way to quickly train the remaining staff to become temporary Wardens is to have one of your current Wardens conduct a handover session. This could be conducted over a video call if no Warden is available on site. The key items for your Wardens to pass on to your remaining staff are:
– Where the WIP phones are located and how they operate.
– What to do on the alert tone & subsequently the evacuation tone.
– How to help anyone with a mobility issue.
– How to deal with anyone refusing to leave.
– Warden identification, i.e. caps/vests.
– How to conduct a thorough sweep of your tenancy.
– How to exit the building once reaching the Ground Floor.
– Route and location of the Assembly Area.

The Assembly Area for Rialto is Batman Park. This will remain the same during this time of reduced occupation. Please see separate Assembly Area evacuation route document which highlights the egress routes from the building to Batman Park.

If your Tenancy does not currently have a Warden, or none are available to up skill your remaining staff, please contact Rialto Security Manager, David Peel on 0409 486 780.

If you are working on your own – 
There may be times where only one staff member is due to be in your tenancy on any given day. In this instance, it is recommended that this staff member checks in with a member of their management at the time they arrived safely to site. This can be done by a simple text message, phone call or email. Follow up contact should be made midway through the day to ensure this staff member is still okay, with final contact made as the staff member is finishing work and leaving the building.
Using this check in method, you can reduce the chances of a medical or security incident going unnoticed for a long period of time, along with providing extra assurances for staff members working on their own.

Should you have any questions, please contact me on the below details.

Stay safe and have an enjoyable week!


Elisa Giampa
Facilities Manager

Dear Tenant Representatives,

Re: Rialto End of Trip Facilities to Temporarily Close


In the interest of protecting our community’s health, the decision has been made to close these facilities until further notice.   This decision has been taken in response to measures recently taken by the Australian Government to close gymnasiums, leisure centres and other facilities of a similar nature.  The End of Trip facilities will be closed from 5 pm Thursday, 26 March, until further notice. 

To access your Locker and remove your belongings after this date, please email the Security Control Room at to arrange a time to be escorted into the End of Trip facilities.

Please note, the bike storage facilities will still be accessible at this time under the normal terms and conditions.

Further updates from Rialto Building Management with regards to COVID-19 will continue to be posted on the dedicated COVID-19 page on the Rialto website as well as on the Portal. For information from the state government about Covid-19 refer to the Department of Health’s COVID-19 resources.

Also please encourage your staff to check out the new online fitness and learning offerings on the Rialto portal including continuation of the Leadership Labs learning series and the Qi Gong training sessions.  We hope this will assist your employees with maintaining their wellbeing as they adjust to new ways of working during the Covid-19 situation.

Thank you for understanding. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by email.  

Kind regards,


Lincoln Emsley,

Customer Relationship Manager

Dear Tenant Representatives,

Important update: Changes to Rialto building access

As part of our ongoing management of the COVID-19 situation, access to the building will require your building access card, effective Wednesday 25 March.  You will only be able to access the building via your access card as Rialto will be in ‘secure mode’.  PLEASE ADVISE YOUR TENANCIES:

Any Rialto tenant who needs to be onsite will need to carry their access card with them in order to gain access to the building, and to your tenancy. Therefore, you will swipe to gain entry to the Lobby, then again at the lifts.

Please ensure you swipe in using your own access card rather than following a colleague who has already swiped in. This will enable Building Management to ascertain the number of people in the building at any one time.

Not all access cards are programmed for 24/7 access to the building, and as such, these card users will need to contact Security via the intercom button outside the entry doors.

Should there be an essential reason to meet face to face, visitors coming into Rialto will also need to contact Security via the intercom button outside the entry doors, then sign in at Concierge. You must greet your guest in the Lobby and escort them to your tenancy.

In the unlikely requirement of visitors during this time, please be aware they will be required to check-in at the Concierge desk. Please ensure you and your guest keep a distance of 1.5 metres when engaging with concierge or fellow colleagues.

If you or anyone in your team requires an access card, or needs an existing card to be reprogrammed, please contact Security via email at:

Further updates from Rialto Building Management with regards to COVID-19 will continue to be posted on the dedicated COVID-19 page on the Rialto website as well as on the Portal. For information from the state government about Covid-19 refer to the Department of Health’s COVID-19 resources.

If you have any questions or concerns about these new arrangements, please reach out to me.


Lincoln Emsley

Customer Relationship Manager

Dear Tenant Representatives,

Re:  Covid-19 and access to Rialto – please respond

No doubt your business is mobilising plans to minimise onsite presence in response to the recent announcements from state and federal government regarding shutdown of non-essential activities.  Please advise RPM via email to of the following:

  1. What modified workplace arrangements are you implementing?
  2. Roughly what numbers of employees do you anticipate having onsite during the remainder of this month, if any?
  3. Have you notified security at of any changes to your access arrangements including tenancy access and lift access?
  4. Have you cancelled any unnecessary after-hours air-conditioning bookings on the Rialto helpdesk? (Call security with any questions on 9617 5428 with any questions about this.)
  5. Have you notified the cleaning providers of changes to your tenancy cleaning requirements at
  6. Have you cancelled or redirected all deliveries including milk, fruit, newspapers, stationery, mail, and courier deliveries as appropriate? (RPM cannot take responsibility of your deliveries.)


Also, be aware of the following changes to building access and lift arrangements:

  1. Commencing tomorrow, access to the building will be in secure mode. Should you have any concerns about this arrangement, please call me to discuss as soon as possible.  Please instruct your employees who need to be onsite that they will need to carry their access card with them to swipe into the building.  Please request that they stop and swipe rather than following a colleague in who has swiped.  This will enable Management to understand numbers of personnel in the building at any one time. We note that not all access cards are programmed for 24/7 access and advise that, as is the case on evenings and weekends, these card users will need to contact security via the intercom button outside the entry doors. Should there be an essential reason to meet face to face, or you have a staff member without an access card we recommend you instruct such persons to contact security via the intercom button outside the doors.  If anyone in your team requires an access card, or an existing card to be reprogrammed, please contact
  2. Lifts are being re-programmed to travel after one call, in order to reduce multi-person lift journeys. We do not anticipate an increased wait time given low volumes of passengers.

Updates from RPM about management of the Covid-19 situation will continue to be posted on the dedicated Covid-19 page on the Rialto website.

For information from state government about Covid-19 refer to the department of health’s Covid-19 resources.

Your sincerely,


Lisa Atkins

General Manager, Rialto

Dear Tenant Representatives,

This communication is to update you on two important developments relating to Covid-19 at Rialto:

  1. Premier’s announcement of impending shutdown of non-essential activities

Today Premier Daniel Andrews announced the impending shutdown of all non-essential activities in Victoria.  We are awaiting further detail about the implementation of this.  As a matter of high priority please:

    • Advise us if your business includes operations at Rialto that are likely to be deemed essential by state government, and which will require site access for this purpose. Advise this by email to   A member of our team will then be in contact to work through the details with you.
    • For all non-essential businesses, prepare your teams to operate remotely, and advise our team if there is any support you require. The previous Covid-19 update dated March 19 contains a list of things to consider as your business moves to remote operation.
    • For any staff members performing an essential activity onsite, ensure they have a valid access card, as access to Rialto will likely be by access card only commencing Tuesday morning. For any queries in this regard please contact
  1. Covid-19 confirmed case Rialto Level 50 South Tower

Today Rialto Property Management (RPM) was informed of the following:

    • On Tuesday a visitor to Rialto spent the afternoon in a tenancy on Level 50 from 12:45pm to 4:20pm. He spent the entirety of his visit within the tenancy apart from one trip to the men’s toilets on that floor.
    • On Wednesday he developed symptoms of Covid-19
    • On Thursday he was tested for Covid-19
    • On Saturday he received a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19. The health authorities were contacted
    • The tenant will close their office until at least the 27th and several employees will remain in self—isolation for 14 days in accordance with health authority guidance
    • Rialto Property Management were informed of this today and immediately commenced contacting the tenants on this floor.

Things to be aware of:

    • There is currently an ongoing regime of frequent bio-cleans of all common area high-touch areas including lifts, lift call buttons, door handles, handrails, and bathrooms
    • Air conditioning is being operated with very high levels of fresh air intake
    • In an abundance of caution an additional bio-clean of skyrise lifts and other high touch areas has been conducted today. The tenancy in question will be cleaned tomorrow.

For all tenant communications relating to the management of the Covid-19 situation at Rialto please refer to this link on the Rialto website

For operational matters relating to Covid-19, or to report a confirmed case within your tenancy, please contact Senior Facilities Manager Melissa Rose at  or Mobile 0405 188 252.  Feel free to call me with any other questions you may have.

Your sincerely,


Lisa Atkins

General Manager, Rialto

19 March 2020

Dear Tenant Representatives,

Re:  Covid-19 Preparedness update

Following our update of March 16, here are some further updates and information about Rialto’s management of the unfolding Covid-19 situation, and things tenants need to consider.

Where to look for information about Rialto’s Covid-19 management

There is a page on Rialto’s website dedicated to updates on Rialto’s Covid-19 management.  This will be continually updated with all RPM communications and announcements about the situation.

What should you do if a confirmed case of Covid-19 is identified in an employee based at or visiting your Rialto tenancy?

In light of the evolving situation it is not necessary to notify RPM of suspected cases, but you must immediately notify RPM when you become aware that an employee or recent visitor to your premises has been diagnosed with a confirmed case of Covid-19.

  • Please immediately inform building management via an email to Senior Facilities Manager and cc General Manager RPM will respect and preserve the confidentiality of this information and the privacy of affected parties.
  • Consult with Victoria Department of Health and Human Services and follow all directions.
  • For further specific advice please visit or phone the dedicated hotline (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) on 1800 675 398.

Things to consider as you adjust your workplace practises

Many tenants are modifying their workplace practises in a broad range of ways including optional flexible work practises, mandatory working from home, mandatory split teams working onsite and offsite, as well as some temporary office closures.  As you consider what is best for your business and employees, please consider the following:

  • Advise RPM: Communicate material changes to RPM via email to
  • Advise cleaners: Update your cleaners if the changes impact the levels of cleaning required in your tenancy, by contacting Contract Manager Sergio Birk at
  • Advise Security: If you require changes to access to your floor or your tenancy or any other changes to security arrangements please advise security via
  • Tenant Representative Communication: Ensure someone in your team is monitoring the emails of your designated tenant representatives and forwarding tenant broadcasts to the appropriate leaders within the business as necessary.  This is a vitally important role and needs to be taken very seriously to ensure good communication with Building Management.  If you would like to add to or amend your list of designated tenant representatives, please call Lincoln Emsley on 0403 922 277.
  • Fire Wardens: According to the AS 3745-2010 section 6.3.1 (Planning for emergencies in facilities), there shall be sufficient personnel trained in all positions within the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) to allow for projected absences.  Please ensure your wardens have communicated any relevant information regarding the warden roles and responsibilities should there be no remaining wardens in your tenancy. Please contact Rialto Security Manager, David Peel: with any questions about this.
  • Clean desk policy: if you have requested additional cleaning and sterilising within your tenancy, then take steps to facilitate the effectiveness of these measures, including requesting your employees to leave their desks and other work surfaces clear at the end of each day.
  • Register visitors: Consider registering all visitors on arrival and departure at your premises for contact mapping purposes.

Other things to be aware of:

  • RPM is now operating with split teams working from separate locations within Rialto and offsite to ensure continuity of operation of the precinct. When raising work orders for maintenance work please be aware there may be a slight delay in responding to non-urgent items as a result.  Please contact Senior Facilities Manager Melissa Rose on 0405 188 252 with any queries or concerns about this.

Please share this update with all those across your business to whom it might be relevant.  Routine operational questions should be directed to Senior Facilities Manager Melissa Rose at  Please also feel free to call me on 0416 090 183 if there is important information that you would like me to be aware of or urgent support that you require.  We will of course continue to monitor and update you as the situation develops.

Your sincerely,

Lisa Atkins

General Manager, Rialto

Dear Tenant Representatives,

Re:  Covid-19 Preparedness update

As the Covid-19 situation unfolds, Rialto’s Property Management team (RPM) continues to implement precautionary measures to ensure the safety of Rialto’s occupants, while monitoring the situation and preparing for contingencies.  These measures are taken in accordance with guidance from state and federal governing bodies, Knight Frank Australia, and Rialto’s risk consultants.  This communication is to update you on important questions you may have.

RPM’s strategic response to Covid-19

RPM has established a task force which meets daily to

  • Assess developments and guidance from authorities and update response plans accordingly
  • Assess response plans of our key contractors and suppliers
  • Test RPM’s capacity to operate all essential functions remotely should the need arise
  • Plan and prepare to safely operate the building by a skeleton crew should the need arise
  • Review building procedures including loading dock and security control room procedures for registering contractors and delivery persons
  • Review all emergency management procedures and test emergency notification processes
  • Oversee proactive preparations of the RPM team and key contractors, including the establishment of a second RPM office and the splitting of the RPM, cleaning and security teams to protect continuity of operations.

Proactive measures that are being implemented

  • Hygiene measures: 
    • Hand sanitiser stations are positioned at pedestrian entrances to Rialto and at Concierge desks
    • Regular sterilising of high-touch common area surfaces has been introduced, along with additional training in hygiene and sterilising practises for all cleaning staff
    • Plans are being prepared for prioritising hygiene cleans over other less essential Cleaning functions should a shortage of cleaning staff emerge
    • Signage is being posted throughout the precinct to remind occupants of safe hygiene practises and Covid-19 protocols
    • Soap in all base building bathrooms is being replaced with antibacterial soap.
  • Social distancing and exclusion measures
    • The calendar of free activities, events and classes is being suspended
    • RPM employees and contractors are required to avoid all non-essential meetings and gatherings and stay home if unwell, if they have recently travelled through high risk areas as defined by the Australian Government on, or

if they have had close contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 while that person was infectious (close contact is face to face for at least 15 minutes or in the same closed space for at least two hours).  

  • Supply chain security
    • Generous provisions of requisitions and supplies necessary for the cleaning and operation of the building have been procured and stored securely on site. 
    • Spare parts and construction materials for maintenance and projects have been pre-ordered as appropriate.
  • Air conditioning:  Over the past two months RPM has been operating Rialto with a moderately increased level of fresh air intake to our HVAC systems.  This is now being increased substantially.  The operation of air conditioning systems has not been addressed by the governing Australian health authorities, but this measure is being undertaken in an abundance of caution, in consultation with our mechanical and risk consultants, and in accordance with Australian Standards.  You may experience some impacts in temperature and humidity control as a result. 
  • Change to dry cleaning drop off:  Going forward dry cleaning will not be accepted by concierge but will instead need to be deposited in the drop box in Level B outside the End of Trip Facilities.  Concierge can answer any questions you may have about how to register for a Rialto dry cleaning bag for dropping your laundry, or you can call Sew Stunning on 0411 318 204.           

Steps you can take

  • Planning:
    • You should prepare your own response plans and activate your business continuity plans if you have not already done so
    • Be aware there is a risk of reduced cleaning capacity as Covid-19 spreads, and consider strategies for reducing tenancy cleaning scopes if necessary, and how you will manage cleaning and waste removal in the event of a significant drop in cleaning resourcing.  Consider ordering in your own cleaning equipment in readiness. 
    • Follow government advice and stay informed, paying particular attention to Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services website

and Worksafe’s guidance for employers at

  • Communicate with your employees:
    • Encourage them to familiarise themselves with the symptoms of COVID-19 via the Victoria Department of Health and Human Services website at  and seek medical advice by telephone immediately if they show the symptoms
    • Direct them to self-isolate if they have had close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 while they were infectious (ie face to face for at least 15 minutes, or in the same closed space for at least two hours)
    • Remind your employees of any resources that are available to support them with their emotional well being and mental health, such as any Employee Assistance Program your business offers, and/or the Rialto pastoral care program mentioned below.      
  • Hygiene
    • Please request that your employees use the hand sanitisers as they enter the building
    • If not already done, tenants should consider increasing the scope of their tenancy cleaning to encompass regular sterilising of your workplace.  For tenancy cleaning queries please contact Rialto Cleaning Contract Manager, Sergio Birk at
    • Provide your employees with information about hygiene practises, and provide hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes, tissues and lidded bins throughout your tenancy.
  • Social distancing and exclusion:
    • Please require any employees in your workplace to self-isolate if they feel unwell or if they have recently travelled through a high-risk destination as defined by the Australian Government’s Website or if they become aware of a case of close contact.  If they suspect they may have Covid-19 they should seek medical assistance by calling their GP and call the dedicated Covid-19 hotline at 1800 675 398.
    • If not already done, consider arranging for non-essential staff to work from home and implement flexible working arrangements as appropriate
    • Minimise onsite meetings and do not invite visitors onsite if they have recently returned from a high-risk area.
  • Deliveries: 
    • Minimise deliveries to your tenancy.  Deliveries of personal shopping should be directed to peoples’ homes, and regular deliveries should be managed through bulk orders rather than frequent deliveries.  Many businesses, including RPM, have suspended catering.

Responding to a Confirmed Case of COVID-19

Please immediately inform building management via an email to Senior Facilities Manager at and a call to General Manager Lisa Atkins at Mobile 0416 090 183 if you become aware of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in your workforce.  RPM will respect and preserve the confidentiality of this information and the privacy of affected parties.  Upon becoming aware that an occupant of or visitor to Rialto has tested positive for COVID-19, RPM will make a building announcement as soon as practically appropriate.  Ongoing announcements will be made as necessary to update building occupants about the situation.    

In the event of a confirmed case:

  • RPM will contact government health authorities and will follow the guidance and directions of emergency services and government health authorities
  • You should implement your own response plan and promptly notify building management and government health authorities
  • You should then follow the advice of the health authorities, which may include:
    • Persons identified as having close contact with the confirmed case to isolate
    • Evacuate or isolate certain areas of the tenancy or precinct
    • Cleaning and sterilising of impacted areas in the tenancy and/or the precinct.
  • RPM will follow the directions of government health authorities, which may include:
    • Vacating or isolating certain areas of the property
    • Cleaning impacted areas.

In the event of a tenancy or part of the precinct being vacated on the advice of government health authorities, reoccupation will only occur after the authorities have confirmed it is safe to do so.  Rialto’s cleaning providers have a specialist response team to assess and deliver all necessary cleans including forensic cleans in response to such a situation, in accordance with their Pandemic Management Plan, and have all the necessary equipment and training to do so.

Q:  What supports are available for emotional wellbeing of employees?

Rialto is fortunate to have an onsite pastoral care program, Wellbeing Hub @Rialto, with two pastoral care workers onsite who are qualified to have a conversation about any stress or emotional impacts generated by these current events.  This service is available to all members of the Rialto community free of charge.  Consultants can be reached at: or 0409 338 996 or 0421 456 106.

Please share this update with all those across your business to whom it might be relevant.  Routine operational questions should be directed to Senior Facilities Manager Melissa Rose at  Please also feel free to call me on 0416 090 183 if there is important information that you would like me to be aware of or urgent support that you require.  We will of course continue to monitor and update you as the situation develops. 

Your sincerely,

Lisa Atkins
General Manager, Rialto

Dear Tenant Representatives,

As you are aware from our previous communication, Rialto Property Management is continually monitoring developments and health authority recommendations relating to Coronavirus Covid-19.  This is being done in consultation with the management of Knight Frank Australia and Rialto’s risk consultants.

As a result, Rialto’s International Women’s Day event which was scheduled for Wednesday March 11 has been indefinitely postponed along with all other events organised by building management involving large groups of guests including the upcoming tenant representative morning tea.

To assist with the proactive management of this dynamic situation, we request that all tenants immediately report to the building management team should there become an occurrence of COVID-19 amongst your employees based at or visiting Rialto.

Please remind your employees that hand sanitiser stations have been positioned at all pedestrian entrances and encourage your employees to use these when entering Rialto.  Please also request that all employees stay home if they are feeling unwell, or if they are returning from an affected region.

Should you require any additional cleaning services, please contact Rialto Cleaning Contract Manager, Sergio Birk:

Attached are some materials from the World Health Organisation which you may find useful within your tenancy.

For further updates on government advice relating to COVID-19, please refer to:
Australian Government – Department of Health
Victorian Department of Health and Human Services
World Health Organisation

The below measures have been in place since January and are ongoing:
– Increased sterilising of common area surfaces including door handles, lift control pads and call buttons, handrails, and escalator railings;
– Replacement of cleaning products with Hospital Grade disinfectant;
– Ongoing training of cleaning staff on safe hygiene methods;
– Implementation of free-standing hand sanitiser stations at pedestrian entrances;
– Increasing intake of external air into towers’ air handling units (has not been recommended by health authorities but has been undertaken as a proactive measure).
We are also in the process of replacing all hand soap with hospital grade antibacterial soap in bathrooms and facilities at Rialto.

In addition we are working closely with all providers to ensure continuity of service and supply chain while undertaking contingency planning. We have instructed all providers to exclude employees from site if they are recently returned from an affected country. Like many of our suppliers, Knight Frank Australia (your Rialto Property Management provider) has suspended all business travel and non-essential business events and mandated the exclusion of employees returning from affected countries.

Should you have any further questions, please contact me on the details below.


Elisa Giampa
Facilities Manager

Dear Tenant Representatives,

In light of the recent outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, Rialto Property Management has implemented the following:

Increased frequency of surface cleaning and disinfecting in base building common areas.
Implementation of enhanced safety and hygiene equipment and measures, with associated additional training, for all base building and tenancy cleaning staff.
Introduction of alcohol-based hand sanitiser stations at South and North tower Concierge Desks.

If required these measures will be updated in response to further advice from health authorities.  As you assess the measures that you consider suitable within your tenancy, the below links may be of assistance.

Australian Government – Department of Health

Victorian Department of Health and Human Services

World Health Organisation

Should you require additional cleaning services within your tenancy, please contact Rialto’s Cleaning Contract Manager, Sergio Birk:


Lincoln Emsley
Customer Relationship Manager


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