The "New View" artist windows is part of the Artisan's at Rialto initiative which will present a series of events, activations and installations throughout the year within the Rialto precinct to reinvigorate working in the CBD. A New View is a collaboration between Rialto Management, Sandrew (KSR Art Bar Curators), GT & Jane of Milkbar/Arcade with funding made available from the City of Melbourne. A New View – curated by Jane and GT at Milkbar, not only showcases art by renowned Melbourne artist's - Rhett Dashwood (Mankind), Mark Inducil, Justine McAllister and Nate Hill but opens the minds of our community to the possibility of incorporating vivid wallpapers and artwork in to office spaces to create enticing workplaces.


MILKBAR is a Melbourne Based Creative Agency and Production Business. They Specialise in Digital Museum Grade Fine Art Printing, Large Scale Creative Commercial Printing and for over 8 years Milkbar has carved a reputation for Artistic Exhibition Installations and Event Production. MILKBAR’s 4RC4DE is Melbourne’s home of Digital and Crypto Art (NFT’s) with a project called the ‘4RC4DE’ which plays host to pop up physical and digital exhibitions from artists around the world.




Nate Hill is a digital artist and freelance photographer from Melbourne, Australia. He has worked with a number of high profile clients including apple, Disney/ Star Wars, Warner Music, and Foot Locker. His work has also been featured and shared far and wide on social media by high profile accounts including Adobe Photoshop, Juxtapoz Magazine, and Photographize Magazine just to name a few. Nate’s work is largely influenced by music and he is passionate about working with brands and artists creating visuals to accompany their music. He has a recognisable style of his own that includes his ongoing series of wild black and white line ‘Digital Landscapes’ and his series of photo manipulations that he titled ‘Twisted Landscapes’ that was the subject of his first solo exhibition.



A lot of my artwork is about exploration and discovery. I love the idea that a work of art can catch your eye and then draw you in. There is a minimalist approach to the aesthetic, but the hope is that once you look into it, there is more to the story. Is this an alternate? A place to explore? Is it somewhere you’d love to get lost or a place that you are trapped?





Mark Constantine Inducil is a Filipino-Australian visual artist based in Melbourne, Australia. He studied graphic design & film and has worked in the creative industry for around 20 years. He loves creating abstract, surrealistic and dream-like images. His work is inspired by cinema, philosophy and psychology.



I aim to capture what it feels like when I step inside my head. The continuous movement of thoughts and dreams form an ever-changing landscape wherein I attempt to mould the chaos into something I can share with people.





Justine McAllister is a Melbourne based muralist. Her work amalgamates her background in fine art with her love of colour and design. McAllister combines the figurative with the abstract to create bold, memorable and vibrant walls. Her work is a reflection of both the analogue and digital worlds. Don’t let Justine’s smile fool you – she’s equal part ambitious and equal part talented. Her aesthetic is influenced by architecture, dogs, fashion, science and prints. McAllister has recently developed work for Coles Local, Disney, Melbourne Central, Stomping Ground Brewing, Hawthorn Football Club, Grand Hyatt Melbourne, Radio Velvet and Rod Laver Arena. In 2017, she was chosen to have her artwork on one of the Melbourne Festival’s Art Trams and in 2019 she won the Footscray Street Art Prize. More recently she won the 2020 Resene Total Colour Award for best Commercial Interior + Public Space.



As the Rialto reaches 251m into the sky, this artwork showcases heavenly pegasuses surrounded by clouds and floating flowers. This image is a modern take on old romantic paintings. Portions of the Pegasus appear as concrete and steel which is a nod to industry, engineering and the physical grandeur of the tower itself.





Rhett Dashwood was an Art Director from award winning branding, digital and advertising studios. After a near death experience concerning health, a mental existential struggle began that he found echoed the pages of ‘Confession’ by Leo Tolstoy. ‘Since death is inevitable, what is the meaning of life?” He found the answer of hope by exploring, creating and sharing through the moniker ‘Mankind’.



A visual escapism into a colourful forest where opportunity awaits and your outlook for today is bright – Mankind

@mankind @rhett

Spaces Curated by – Jane and GT of – MILKBAR/4RC4DE (Arcade)

Printing and Installations by – MILKBAR

Artwork Provided by the artist for this exhibition can be purchased directly through the artist or via MILKBAR Web Store:

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